The Convenience of The HealthWallet App

The HealthWallet is all about putting their members in control of their health cost. This user-friendly and cost-effective mobile app provides its members with on-demand access to providers and the ability to understand the cost for prescriptions and medical procedures before receiving them.

The Features of HealthWallet

Today’s healthcare system can involve many stressors to individuals, making you spend more money than you need to, and sometimes for something as little as receiving and renewing prescriptions. Here are some of the features this app offers:

  • My Plan Info:
    A centralized location with current medical insurance plan design information, real-time deductable-utilization and the capacity to hold up to 15 electronic ID cards
  • Telehealth:
    Unlimited access to a national network of licensed doctors via telephone or video chat, who can help to diagnose and even prescribe in real-time directly from your mobile device
  • User Engagement
    Receive important reminders about plan updates, benefit changes, features updates and tips on how to access cost-effective and convenient healthcare whenever you need it.
  • RX Market
    Search for any prescription to see what the pharmacies around you are charging for the drug, the RX Market has an embedded manufacturers discount code for prescription savings.
  • Medical Market
    Now you can search for anything from an allergy shot to a cardiovascular bypass using the current location of your mobile device, and see what different facilities are charging
  • Text a Health Expert
    Immediate and unlimited access to a network of medical experts who are standing by via text waiting to lend their instant advice and medical opinions for those times when texting is your only option

Who Does It Benefit?

Individuals and families represent the core of HealthWallet’s mission. Their goal is to bring a convenient and cost-effective mobile solution that empowers them with the ability to make better decisions as to how and where they seek the care they need.

According to HealthWallet, their telemedicine service works for around 70% of the reason people seek primary care, providing immediate access for parents, making it easier to care for their children. With the ability to shop around for any medical procedure or prescription, there’s a guarantee to finding the best price and deepest discount available.

Even for individuals and families that aren’t covered under medical insurance can have access to talk to doctors and specialists, as well as still receiving discounts at pharmacies when filling their prescriptions. All with no copay and covered completely when they are members of the HealthWallet community.

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