No two wellness programs are exactly the same. In fact, any program that gets employees active can be considered a wellness program, from a basic discounted gym membership to a full-fledged biometric screening with mandated improvement goals.

Why offer a wellness program?
Ideally, a wellness program reduces health care insurance costs for both the employer and the employee by reducing participant usage of acute or emergency care.

Basic programs offer:
Tips and resources for employees to get active
Healthy diet and weight loss education
Stress reduction activities

Better programs offer:
Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screening
Patient advocacy
Telemedicine Services
Discount Programs

The Best programs also offer:
A measurable ROI for both employer and employee by offering services that help participants AVOID using their health care plans.
Cost transparency – Tools, resources, and patient advocates that can help employees understand the cost implications of everything they utilize in health care.

Herus Group Offers:

HealthWallet is the only provider that keeps all health insurance information in one spot and works with all health insurance carriers:
• Insurance card information
• Personal health profile
• Health log
• Primary and secondary care contacts
• In-network providers
• Claims
• Visits
• Coverage

It also provides discounts and services:
Cost comparison – For in-patient, out-patient, and prescriptions at locations nearest the employee making sure they are getting the best price and deepest discount available. This can be done manually or through geo-fencing to provide real-time advice on more cost-effective options.
Out-of-pocket estimating – Helping employees calculate co-pays, understand deductibles, and know the cost implications prior to the health visit.
Telemedicine – Talking with licensed medical professionals via phone or video conference to address minor needs or get advice on care. Telemedicine can accommodate 70% of the reasons why employees seek primary care. And it’s free with the HealthWallet program.


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